SumUp POS 2.32 release notes (POS)

Notice: with version 2.32 of the SumUp POS App, all receipts printed while the shop is in Demo Mode will bare the mention "DEMO - TEST PRINT". If you would like to set your shop Live, please contact Customer Support.

Changes in version 2.32:

  • New Voucher management, in compliance with the latest regulation:
  • Z-reports:
    • Updated layout for Vouchers
    • Removed “minus” sign in front of “Returns” (Norway)
    • X- and Z-reports are displaying correction lines
  • Receipts:
    • All print outs which are done when a shop is in demo mode are now marked explicitly
  • New user interface - updated and redesigned
  • Austria only:
    • RKSV related crash is solved
    • Expired sessions between App and Globaltrust do not display certificate error messages anymore
    • General adjustment to the app if RKSV is enabled
    • Adjusted printer configuration (master and slave devices will use the correct assigned printers)
  • General bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that resulted in duplicate transactions with a second payment method
    • Displayed skip button on iPad payment confirmation for SumUp
    • Applied correct currency to bill when using the exchange rate function
    • Calculation of VAT on the info print is now improved
    • Auto-shift for checkout mode is working again
    • Applied discounts in checkout mode are fixed
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