As a regulated entity, we operate under strict requirements imposed by the financial regulator, the card schemes (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) and our acquiring banks, who act as a gateway to the card services.

Our license is not limitless and we cannot always support every business model. It can happen that new restricted categories are added or existing ones removed depending on our partners. We will do our best to update the list as soon as possible. For further questions please contact our Support Team.

For companies with more than 100 employees that fall in the categories below, please write to

The following business categories cannot always be supported:

  • Any product, service or activity that is deceptive, unfair, predatory or prohibited by one or more Card Brands
  • Any Merchant selling goods or services that represent a violation of any law, statute or regulation
  • Any Merchant operating outside the United States
  • Any Merchant or submerchant submitting sales for payment that resulted from another commercial entity providing goods or services to the cardholder, including those businesses that may otherwise qualify themselves as a Payment Facilitator
  • Any Merchant selling products that infringe on the intellectual property rights of others, including counterfeit goods or any product or service that infringes on the copyright, trademark or trade secrets of any third party, such as many Cyberlockers
  • Any Merchant accepting a card as payment fora dishonored check or for an item deemed uncollectible by another merchant
  • Any Merchant that accepts a card at a scrip-dispensing terminal
  • Adult entertainment, adult retail stores, and/or adult content websites including Electronic Commerce adult content (video or text) merchants that may include MCCs 5967, 7273 and 7841
  • Auto Dealerships, new and used when accepting loan payments (loan payments on a Visa branded Credit Card are Prohibited)
  • Beastiality
  • Bidding Fee Auctions including Penny Auctions
  • Brand or Reputational damaging, potential or otherwise, activities including Child Pornography, Escort Services, Mail Order Brides, Occult
  • Collection Agencies
  • Commodity Trading or Security Trading
  • Credit Counseling or Credit Repair Services
  • Credit Protection or Identity Theft Protection Services
  • Cruise Lines
  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.)
  • Currency Exchanges or Dealers
  • Debt Elimination, Debt Reduction or Debt Consulting Services
  • Digital Wallet or Prepaid Companies
  • Direct Marketing: Continuity or Subscription services or merchants including MCC 5968 and 5969
  • Direct Marketing-Travel Related Arrangement Services including MCC 5962
  • Direct Marketing-Inbound Telemarketing including videotext services and MCC 5967
  • Discount Buying Memberships/Clubs
  • Discount Medical or Dental plans including Discount Insurance
  • Discount Coupon Merchants or Online Sites
  • Distressed Property Sales and/or Marketing
  • Drug Paraphernalia
  • CNP Tobacco, e-Cigarettes and “Vape” supplies and accessories
  • Firearms and weapons including Ammunition, Silencers, Components and Suppressors
  • Future businesses; the delay between processing a card transaction and handing out the product/service should be no longer than 7 days. If the delay is more than 7 days, your business falls into the category of "Future business" (e.g. flight tickets)
  • Gambling Activities and Establishments including MCC 7995, lotteries, internet gaming, daily fantasy sports, contests, sweepstakes, “special incentives,” or offering of prizes as an inducement to purchase goods or services
  • High interest rate non-bank consumer lending with an APR > 30% including, but not limited to, payday lending and title loans
  • Infomercial merchants
  • Internet/Mail Order Pharmacies
  • Investment or “get rich quick” merchants, businesses or programs and inclusive of Brokers and Dealers
  • Loan payments conducted on a Visa-branded credit card
  • Marijuana dispensaries and related products or services that contain CBDs or provide access to CBDs
  • Money Transfer, Wire Transfers, Money Orders, Transmitters, and Check Cashing including merchants required to be registered as Money Service Business
  • Multi-Level Marketing Businesses
  • “Negative option” marketing, renewal, or continuity subscription practices; marketing activities involving low-dollar trails, “pay only for shipping,” and/or “free trial” periods after which a credit card is charged periodically and/or a significantly larger amount
  • Outbound Telemarketers and Telecom merchants within MCCs 4814, 4816, and 5966
  • Pawn Shops
  • Payment Facilitators
  • Prepaid Phone Cards
  • Prepaid Phone Services
  • Pseudo Pharmaceuticals
  • Psychics and “occult” businesses
  • Quasi-Cash or Stored Value
  • Real Estate Flipping
  • Rebate-Based Businesses
  • Sale of Mobile Minutes
  • Selling or Sales of Social Media Activity
  • Sports Forecasting or Odds Making
  • Substances designed to mimic illegal drugs
  • Timeshares, including resale’s and related marketing
  • Transacting Virtual Currency or credits that can be monetized, re-sold or converted to physical or digital goods or services or otherwise exit the virtual world
  • Tribal Entities (ie: American Indian Tribes)
  • Up-Selling Merchants
  • Used cars (if you sell Yachts/Motorbikes/Cars, no matter if used or new)

If one of these categories describes your business type (either completely or partly) and you are already a SumUp merchant, we kindly ask you to contact our Support Team

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