Accepting card payments with SumUp is incredibly easy. The aim of this guide is to give you all the information you need to start transacting with our card reader without a problem.

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Accept card payments with SumUp EMV Card Reader

This is a step-by-step guide on how to take card payments with the SumUp EMV Card Reader. It’s easy. We promise:

  1. Open the SumUp App on your smartphone or tablet and log in with your email address and password that you registered with.

  2. Enter the wanted amount. You can also type in a description in the corresponding field underneath. After you’re all done, press “Charge”.

  3. The card reader will automatically turn on and connect to your device.

  4. Your customer now has the option to pay with an NFC (near field communication) enabled card or a chip card.

    1. If your customer wants to pay with a contactless payment option via an NFC enabled card, they only need to tap their card on the card reader. Since the NFC antenna is located at the top of the card reader they should tap their card flat onto the upper half of the card reader. After tapping the card onto the reader a beep will be heard as well as 4 LEDs will light up to signal a successful data transfer. The customer will now need to authorize the payment via signature.


      Your customer only needs to authorize NFC transactions over $20.

    2. If your customer wants to pay with a chip card they only need to insert their card into the slot on top of the reader (chip-side first with the front of the card facing up). The customer now needs to authorize the payment via signature.
    3. To authorize the payment, your customer authorizes the payment via signature on the screen of your smartphone/tablet and confirms the payment by tapping the “Enter” button.


      SumUp automatically sends a request to the card issuer to make sure that your customer has enough balance in their account as well as a to check, if the payment is within your customer’s specified limits

    4. Your card reader and your app will show a notification to confirm that the transaction was successful.
    5. If you want, you can now send a receipt to your customer by entering their email address or mobile number into the corresponding field you also have the option to print a receipt.
    6. Congratulations! You just made a successful payment with the SumUp EMV Card Reader. It’s easy, right?


Accept Apple Pay and Google Pay

You can also accept contactless payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay with the SumUp EMV Card Reader. Just tap the device flat onto the upper half of the card reader like you would a NFC card.


Customers, that are using Apple Pay or Google Pay because the service is already available in their countries, can pay using either, even if Apple Pay or Google Pay might not be available in your country yet.

Transaction limits

The minimum amount of a card payment is $1.

The maximum amount of a card payment is determined by the following factors:

  • The card issuer of your customers, i.e. the bank, can limit the amount that your customer can pay with their card.
  • For security reasons, we are required to verify your account. Therefore, your account will be initially limited up to a certain amount and you will receive a separate email with all information. SumUp is registered as a Money Service Business with FinCEN and is required to identify its customers in line with the Anti-Money Laundering rules set out in the Bank Secrecy Act and the Patriot Act. We are required to verify your identity as the main contact listed on your SumUp account.

Accept foreign cards

Our general rule of thumb is that providing the card being used has either a Mastercard, Maestro, V PAY, Visa or American Express logo present, we can process the payment.


As always, when processing payments from international cards, it is important to note that cardholders may be charged an additional currency conversion fee. As normal, all transactions are subject to approval from the card issuer.

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