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Our Card reader SumUp is
One-off Reader Cost with Free Delivery Merchant-oriented
No Monthly Transaction/Rental Fees Highly-ranked Customer Support
Flat-rate Transaction Fee One of the Fastest-growing European Companies
Built-in Business Analytics  
Easy SDK & API Integration  


Launched in 2012, SumUp began with small businessmen in mind. Now, no longer startup size, but THE leader in mobile point of sale (mPOS) solutions across Europe, the company has grown to serve massive corporations while continuing to revolve around the small guy.

Why SumUp?

Our success is founded in you, our merchants—the sole trader, the pop-up shop owner, the innovative entrepreneur. As our company has expanded to include over 30 countries, we hear merchant story after merchant story regarding the ease of payment that the SumUp Card Reader affords and how having more payment options has widened their clientele base.

On the road or in the physical store, merchants are able to process credit and debit card payments securely and quickly. Certainly, we have competitors who can claim to do the above as well. But SumUp stands apart as exceptional because we care for our small merchants.


In many countries we are being lauded as the best flat rate card reader as we offer one of, if not the lowest transaction rate on the market. We don’t believe in setup or monthly fees. The only time you should pay is when you use your card reader; it just makes sense.

Free delivery of our card reader, paperless onboarding and five-minute setup serves to put first-time business owners at ease with this easy introduction to mobile payment processing.

Unlike our competitors, SumUp does not require any additional payment for you to accept foreign cards—which is fantastic if your main clientele are tourists or you have the occasional out-of-town visitor. Sumup is also unique in that we allow our merchants to accept card payments in other SumUp countries, meaning that taking your business to fairs, conventions and the like is certainly possible with a call to our SumUp Support Team.

Additionally, as the SumUp card reader’s battery lasts up to 500 transactions, you can feel at ease utilising the card reader out in an open-air venue or outdoor market.

Stretching beyond a mobile payment service, SumUp also offers business analytics to our merchants via their SumUp account. Most other companies require merchants to pay extra to upgrade to a special account in order to receive such benefits, but with our card reader and payments app, you can apply the feedback collected to revolutionise your business’ POS strategy.

We Are Here for You

For the 30+ countries that we serve, we have a complete and localized support team for each country to serve merchants in their native languages. We offer highly-trained customer support staff who are always happy to provide individual solutions, no matter how small the problem. Don’t take our word for it—see our 4-out-of-5-star rating from our merchants on TRUSTPILOT. 


Our trajectory for the future is high and brimming with ambition. Just this year, we were named “Europe’s Fastest Growing Company”. Our growth alone speaks for itself. We work tirelessly to stay on the forefront of mPOS market and this includes constantly rethinking how best we can advance our product so our merchants cannot only stay abreast of the modern payment challenges, but thrive in them by employing the best—SumUp.


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