What Do I Need To Know Before Signing Up?


With SumUp, merchants can take cards displaying the logos of Visa, Discover, MasterCard, or American Express. If you want to know more about our card reader and service, here you can find all the answers to the most frequently asked pre-sign up questions: 

What costs do I need to cover?


How much do I have to pay for the card reader? 

Our SumUp Card Reader costs $19! Make sure to check out our website for current offers.

☉ What are the transaction fees? Do I get an invoice?

With no monthly fees, pay only 2.65% per transaction for all accepted cards. For any manual input Virtual Terminal transactions, the fee is 2.95% + $0.15. You can learn more about SumUp's Virtual Terminal offering here.

We send you payout reports whenever we settle a payout into your bank account. They’re a great way for you to keep track of all your sales so your accounting stays straightforward.

Are there different fees for different payment methods? 

No, there’s no difference between the different card schemes (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) in terms of fees. However, the Virtual Terminal transaction fee is different from the standard 2.65% fee. You can learn more about our Virtual Terminal offering here.

Are there any hidden fees?

Nope. With no monthly costs or fixed contracts, you simply pay per transaction. That's it!

What technical requirements do I need to use SumUp?


Do I need a SumUp card reader? 

Yes, in order to process transactions with SumUp, you'll need to use our card reader. You can provide your employees with additional card readers that you can all be managed under one SumUp account. Sign up and order a reader here.

Do I need a phone or tablet?

Yes, you’ll need to use either a smartphone or tablet to use the SumUp card reader. To learn more about which devices we recommend using with SumUp, check out our Compatibility page.

Do I need an internet connection?

Yes, in order to process transactions with SumUp, you’ll need an internet connection via WiFi or data coverage (minimum 3G speed).

Do I need a charging station?

With the SumUp Card Reader, you’ll be able to process over 500 transactions on a single charge. When it arrives, your reader will be fully charged. After that, you can charge your card reader using the USB cable included when you purchase your card reader! Just connect it to a computer or another power source.

Do I need a printer?

No printer needed—you can send customers their receipts via SMS or email!

What information does SumUp need to set up an account?


Do I need a business bank account?

If you’re a sole proprietor, you can use your personal bank account.

If you’re a registered company, the bank account must be in the name of the company, not in the name of its manager or officer. The bank account must also be registered in the United States if you’re purchasing a US card reader.

Click here to learn about the bank account requirements needed to register your business with SumUp.

Which legal type should I choose for my SumUp Account?

Merchants will be asked to identify their business' legal type such as sole trader, limited company, partnership, club or society, etc.

Which business information does SumUp need?

To purchase your SumUp Card Reader, you’ll need to provide your email address (which will become your SumUp username), shipping address, payment details and set up an account password. 

Once you’ve ordered your SumUp Card Reader, you’ll need to finish your account registration in order to begin accepting payments. Registration requires the following information:

  • Legal type and business category
  • Name of business and address
  • Names of the beneficial owners
  • Contact details and contact address of authorized signatories
  • Personal details such as a personal address, date of birth and mobile number
  • Bank account in the country in which you operate your business

For a more comprehensive list of what information SumUp requires from businesses for verification, please click here.

Does SumUp support every business model?

We love supporting small businesses, dreamers and creative business models. However, as a regulated entity, we operate under strict requirements imposed by the financial regulator, the card schemes (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) and our acquiring bank, who acts as a gateway to the card services. This means that our license is not limitless, and therefore we cannot support every business model. Check out our list of restricted businesses for a better idea of the business models that SumUp cannot support. 

Will I be required to provide my personal information?

SumUp is registered as a Money Service Business with FinCEN and is required to identify its customers in line with Anti-Money Laundering rules. Therefore, we’re obligated to verify that you are the individual registered with the SumUp account and that you are the main contact for your business. This means that from time to time, you may be asked to share additional documentation to verify your account. You can learn more about the process and documentation required here

These requirements are not only to protect SumUp as a company, but our merchants as they are the lifeblood of all that we do. Your privacy and security concerns matter to us. Know that our team works hard for your security, which is why we constantly update all systems to ensure we provide the appropriate levels of protection regarding our merchants' information.

You can read more in our Security article.

How do I order from SumUp?


How can I order my SumUp Card Reader?

In our two-step sign-up process, register for your SumUp account and order your card reader at sumup.com. To complete your order, you’ll need to enter your preferred method of payment as well as your shipping address.

Does SumUp offer additional accessories for the card reader?

Of course! Check out the SumUp Shop to view browse the official SumUp accessories.

How does the shipping process work?

SumUp will cover the cost of shipping the card reader to the delivery address provided when a card reader is ordered. Once an order for a card reader is placed, it will take between 1-3 business days for the payment of the order to reach our bank account. Directly after SumUp has received the payment, we will ship the order, which will take between 3-4 business days.

You can read this Delivery article to learn more.

How to track my shipment?

A tracking link will be sent to you via SMS and email on the day we ship your order.

How does SumUp help me with my accounting?


Will I be able to provide my customers with receipts? 

After a successful transaction, you’ll have the option to send a receipt to your customer via email or SMS. You also have the option to connect to a receipt printer if your customers prefer a physical copy of their receipt.

Click here for more information about printers and here for receipts.

When do I receive my payout from a transaction? 

It typically takes 1-2 business days after the transaction date until the funds appear in your bank account. Note that merchants are able to choose the frequency of their payouts: daily, weekly or monthly.

Click here for additional information around payouts.

Do I get a Payout report and/or a record for my tax accountant?

For each payout to your bank account, you'll receive a Payout Report (PDF format) sent via email that lists every single transaction included in the payout. Within your SumUp account, you'll be able to set your preference for the frequency of receiving Payout Reports via email: daily or monthly.

You’ll always be able to access and download your payout reports and check the status of all of your transactions via your SumUp account at sumup.me.

Click on the following to learn more:

  • SumUp's Payout Reports: a guide to the reports regarding your transactions.
Can I use SumUp abroad?


Can I accept international cards? 

Our general rule of thumb is that if the card being used displays a MasterCard, Maestro, Discover, Diners, V PAY, Visa or an American Express logo, we can process the payment. Check out our Accepted Cards article for more information.

When processing payments from international cards, it is important to note that cardholders may be charged an additional currency conversion fee and that the payout time for these cards may be longer. Additionally, all transactions are subject to the approval of the card issuer.

Can I use my SumUp device while traveling to other countries?

We’re proud to offer SumUp services in over 31 countries! However, because we are subject to compliance with country-specific regulations (such as FCC compliance in the United States), our products are only approved for use for the country in which it is sold. For example, hardware sold (or intended for sale) in the United States is not approved for use in the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, or one of the other countries where SumUp operates.

To learn more about ordering SumUp products outside of the United States, visit one of our international websites by changing the country location at the bottom of our homepage.

If you’ve purchased hardware for the wrong country, you can contact our support team to return your hardware and place a new order for the correct products.



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