Frequently Asked Set Up Questions

Having issues with your new SumUp account or card reader? Here are answers to the most common questions we get from new SumUp members.

I received my card reader—what do I do next? 

Have you downloaded the SumUp App?
  • If not, download the free SumUp App on your Android or iOS
  • Learn how to download the SumUp App here
  • Is the app download not working? Click here to see if you’re using a compatible device
Have you registered and activated your account?
  • Learn how to register and activate your account here 
  • Read about the bank account requirements
Have you paired your reader to your smartphone or tablet?
  • Learn how to connect your reader to your device here

With those steps done, you should be ready to start accepting transactions! When you’re ready, you can also set up additional SumUp features to make the most of your new account, including: 

I’m not sure how to use my card reader

How do I know if the card reader is on?

When you first receive your SumUp Card Reader, you’ll have to wirelessly connect it with a compatible smartphone or tablet device. (You can learn how to do this here) After that initial set up, your card reader will automatically turn on every time you open the SumUp App and you log in to your account. When it turns on, the LED lights will flash on quickly and then turn off. After that, one LED light will flash every 4 seconds to show that the reader is turned on. You can learn more about the card reader device here.

How do I connect my reader to my phone or tablet? Do I need to use the cord that comes with the reader?

No cords needed! The SumUp Card Reader connects to the SumUp App wirelessly via Bluetooth, no cords needed. You can learn how to connect your device to your app here. (The cord that comes with the reader is only used to charge the reader when the battery is low.)

Do I need to charge my reader before using it?

No, your SumUp Card Reader should arrive fully charged! However, we do recommend you charge your reader at least once a month to maintain the battery life. Learn more about how and when to charge the reader here.

What does the button on the side of the reader do?

This is the Power button. However, thanks to the reader’s integration with the SumUp App, you should only have to use this button rarely! You can use this button to check your reader’s battery life, or on the very rare occasion that you would need to restart your card reader. Read more about how and why to restart your reader here.

What do the lights mean?

The 4 blue lights on the bottom of the SumUp Card Reader represent different notifications at different times. You can read more about the notifications here.

I tried a transaction, but my app says “Transaction Failed”

Have you activated your account with an SMS code in the last 2 hours?

If yes, your account might still be processing. Please wait for 2 hours until the processing is complete and try again!

Do you have a weak connection?

The SumUp Card Reader requires a stable WiFi or data connection, so make sure to check that the signal on your smartphone or tablet is working.

Do you have the latest version of the app?

You’ll need to have the most up-to-date iOS or Android SumUp App in order to process transactions. You can learn how to update your SumUp App here.

Is your device charged?

A low battery level can sometimes cause connectivity issues. Press down the power button (located on the side of the device) once and release it quickly. Each LED light that turns on represents approximately 25% power. If only one or two light turns on, we recommend charging your device to make sure everything functions smoothly. Plus, you can still accept transactions while the device is charging! Learn more about charging your device here.

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