Get started with Online Store

  1. On your SumUp profile, click "Online Store" in the left navigation panel.

  2. Click "Get started".

Create my Online Store

First, you need to design the layout and style of your Online Store.

Click “Edit" on your SumUp profile or "Edit store" on the SumUp App to start customising your homepage, item catalogue, and navigation.

Tap "Edit" on the SumUp profile or "Domains" on the app to amend your business name and Online Store URL so your store is easily recognisable.

Define how your customers will get their items by adding shipping options and setting up in-store collection by selecting "Edit" on the SumUp profile or “Set up shipping” on the app.

Finally, you need to add items to your item catalogue. Be sure to enable the "Online Store" toggle when adding items and adding an item description to be used on your site.

You can also amend your Online Store's terms and conditions to change what customers agree to when they buy from you.

Start selling online

Once you’ve completed all the steps, click "Open store" to make your Online Store public and start selling your items online.