Replace printer rolls

Each Solo printer comes with three paper rolls for printing. The first roll is already loaded for you. Red lines will begin to appear on the paper as you run out.

  1. Open the paper drawer by pushing the spot with the three raised lines (A) underneath the printer.

  2. Replace the old paper roll with a new one, ensuring the paper curves over the top of the roll and out of the gap in the door.

  3. Close the paper drawer again.

Before starting: Remove the tape from the paper roll.
Step one: Open the paper door by pushing it from below. There are three lines at the point you should use to push.
Step two: Replace the old roll with the new one. Ensure that the paper curves backwards and over the top of the paper roll in the machine before going out of the gap in the paper door.
Step three: Close the paper door.

I need more paper

When you run out of paper, you can buy replacement thermal paper rolls sized 57mm by 30mm to use with your Solo Printer.