Take payments securely

Chargebacks can occur when a customer isn’t satisfied with a product or service. To ensure that your customer is happy with your goods and services, make sure you provide a detailed description of the item so the customer knows exactly what they are purchasing. 

Clearly communicate on your website or your business’s social media platform that your customer should use their own credit or debit card when purchasing your goods or services.

If the customer wants to make a payment with a company/corporation credit or debit card, request to send a copy of the receipt to the company's accounting department.

When taking over the phone payments, enter the entire amount of a sale. You may not split the amount into several smaller transactions to avoid the security limits of a customer's card. This is against the terms and conditions of our banking partners.

Send the customer a receipt after charging a payment.

Remote payments are more susceptible to chargebacks and fraud. Although processed through the 3D security channel, we advise you whenever possible to process the payment through the terminal.

Protect your business

Inform your customer that their payment will appear on their statement as SUMUP *YOUR BUSINESS NAME*.

Please ensure that your name is recognisable on the statement. If this is currently not the case, you can find out how to customise how your business name appears on customer bank statements here.

Should a problem arise, let your customer know that they must first try to solve the issue with you.

When issuing a refund, always issue the refund directly back to the card used for the payment. If you must provide a cash, cheque or money order refund, make sure to get a signature from your customer confirming that they received the refund.

Keep records of invoices, receipts and a copy of the contract if applicable.

If you sell goods online, try to use services that offer online order confirmation and tracking. Once the tracking link is available, immediately provide it to your customer.

If there is a delay in the shipping process, let the customer know as soon as possible or give the option to request a refund. Maintain records of proof of delivery for all goods that have been delivered.

If processing a high-value transaction, please ask your customer to fill in the client’s declaration, which you can download below.

Download customer declaration form

It’s important to highlight your terms and conditions on your website or any platform that you use to sell your products. Make them visible instead of adding them during checkout. Refunds and delivery information should appear in your terms and conditions. 

Before approving an order, you can contact the customer by phone or email to ensure that the payment is valid. Should you fail to contact the customer due to incorrect information provided this may suggest that the transaction is fraudulent.

Being able to contact the customer does not guarantee that they are the cardholder. Remain vigilant for vague and unusual responses. 

If a payment seems suspicious, refund it immediately. You can contact us and inform us of the issue so we’re aware of the details.