View my invoice status

  1. On your SumUp profile, click "Invoices" in the left hand panel.

  2. Click "Invoices" again to view the status of all your invoices

  3. Select the relevant sent invoice.

  4. Select "See full history" or scroll to the bottom of the screen.

You’ll receive the money from invoices paid by Payment Links as regular payouts with SumUp. Bank transfers will go directly to your bank account.

Overdue invoices?

Resend or reshare your invoices with customers who haven't paid. Alternatively, remember to add automatic payment reminders for future invoices before sending them.

Update my invoice status

Invoices paid by Payment Link automatically update when payment is received. Otherwise, you can manually adjust the payment status of your invoices.

Cancel an invoice

Finalised invoices cannot be deleted for legal reasons. But you can create credit notes to cancel all or part of an invoice.