How verification works

After signing up, eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) will verify both your address and identity. Most businesses are verified automatically through this process.

We'll notify you if additional documents are required for verification.

I'm approaching my verification limit

Verification may take a couple of days. Contact us to speed up the verification process if you expect to hit your limit soon.

Additional verification documents

If asked to do so by our team, you’ll need to upload documents to your SumUp profile to get verified.

  • ID - For example, your passport’s picture page including signature page or both sides of your driver’s licence

  • Proof of home address - (e.g. utility bills, bank statement or rental agreement dated within the last 6 months)

All documents must be clearly visible, valid and bear the name and an image of the registered SumUp profile owner.

Additional documents

We may also need some extra documentation later. For example, proof of business activity such as invoices, business cards, company website etc.