What’s the difference between the Pro plan and Free plan?

Both the paid Pro plan and Free plan come with unlimited invoices. However, the Pro plan comes with a host of additional features, such as lower fees, the ability to get paid to a third-party bank account and invoice customisation.

How do customers pay?

Choose between different payment options for invoices to customise how you get paid on both the Pro plan and Free plan.

Receive transfers directly to your bank account or SumUp Business Account for free or use online payments to receive your money faster for a transaction fee of 1.25%.

What does it cost?

The Pro plan is available either as a monthly or yearly subscription.

  • Pay monthly - £8

  • Pay yearly - £84 (£7 per month)

The Free plan has no monthly subscription fees, however transaction fees still apply to invoices paid via the online payments portal.

Can I use existing customer and item catalogues?

Build item catalogues and create customer directories by saving details of everything you sell and who you sell to. You can also upload existing item catalogues and customer directories.

You can then add items and customers to invoices so you don't have to waste time adding the same information time and time again.

Can I access invoicing data for tax purposes?

Absolutely. You can download your invoicing data to help complete tax and VAT returns for your business.

Can I create quotes?

Yes. Quickly create quotes with SumUp Invoices and, if your customer wants to proceed, easily turn your quote into an invoice with just a couple of clicks.

Ready to get started?

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