How to share Gift Cards

  1. On the SumUp App, tap “Gift Cards” on the Home screen.

  2. Select “Share gift card page”.

  3. You can share the link via email, social media or on your website.

Sharing my gift cards on Instagram

Promote your SumUp Gift Cards directly from your Instagram account.


You’ll need an Instagram Business account to use this feature.

  1. Log in to your Instagram account.

  2. Tap “View COVID-19 Business Resources”.

  3. In “Help for your company”, select “Offer gift vouchers”.

  4. Choose “SumUp” as a partner.

  5. Link your SumUp Gift Cards URL.

  6. Tap the ‘tick’ icon to save.

Check my paid gift cards

To see a total and history of your sold gift cards, simply tapping “Gift Cards” on the Home screen on the SumUp App.

To share your gift card page once again, simply tap the share tab at the top left-hand side of the screen.