How contactless payments work

To pay by contactless, customers simply need to tap their contactless-enabled card or device against the screen of your card reader. The reader will beep and the four LED lights will flash to confirm a successful payment. 

If payment fails, check our list of common reasons for transaction failure for help.

To pay by contactless, customers can tap their card or wallet app against the screen of the card reader.

Transactions totalling equal to or below the contactless limit don’t usually need to be authorised, but totals above this limit need PIN code authorisation. This limit is set by the cardholder's bank and varies from bank to bank and country to country.

You can tell if a card is contactless-enabled if it has the contactless symbol shown below. Only contactless cards on the accepted cards list can be accepted.

The contactless logo features four curved lines growing in size from left to right.

Contactless payment fees

Contactless transactions are processed in the same way as Chip and PIN transactions so the same transaction fees apply.


In some cases, NFC payments made using debit cards may still be processed as credit payments due to the way they are handled.