The following issues may not always cause transfers to fail outright. There may however be delays as we contact you for further information relating to the attempted transfer.

Transfer limit exceeded

There are default transfer limits for sending money with your Business Account. If you exceed these limits, your transfer will fail.

  • £15,000 per transfer

  • £25,000 per day

  • £75,000 per month

Change my card limits

You can request a change to these limits by contacting our Support team. Be aware not all requests can be granted.

Incorrect recipient information

Entering the wrong recipient information can cause a transaction to fail. Ensure you’ve entered the correct bank account information and that you were given the correct details, then try again.

Recipient account not supported or closed

Not all accounts can accept all types of transfers. It’s possible that your recipient’s bank account is unable to accept your transfer.

It could also be that the recipient’s account has been closed and therefore cannot accept any transfers. Check with the recipient to ensure they’re able to receive your transfer.

Insufficient account balance

Your transfer may fail if you don’t not have enough money in your account to cover the transfer amount. Check your account balance and, if necessary, add money to your Business Account then reattempt the transfer.

Transfer verifying or processing

To ensure your continued security, we carry out routine checks on transactions to check their legitimacy. Verification can take a couple of days and may delay your transfer. However, your money is secure and will be delivered once verification completes.

You can check your transfer’s status by selecting the transfer in the Business Account overview on either your SumUp App or profile.