Is SumUp responsible for my tax compliance?

As a provider of mobile point-of-sale products and related services, SumUp is not responsible for your fiscal compliance and will not interact with tax authorities to provide them with merchant fiscal transaction data.

Merchants are solely responsible for reporting, collecting and remitting taxes to the appropriate tax authority. Merchants may be required to operate a local, fiscally compliant tax system, such as cash registers, to accept cash and/or card payments. This must be done independently and separately from the processing of transactions utilising the SumUp payment infrastructure.

SumUp is under no obligation to assess whether or not taxes apply and will not assume any liability in regard to submitting taxes to a tax authority concerning any transaction made by its merchants.

Therefore, note that SumUp’s payout report is not to be considered a fiscal document, however, it can be a great asset for your accounting purposes. We advise you to consult with a local tax advisor to ensure your fiscal declaration contains all of the required information.

SumUp is a registered Electronic Money Institution with the authority to provide payment services throughout the European Economic Area. This authority is granted by the Financial Conduct Authority under the registration number C195030.