What to do if my card reader is lost or stolen

If your SumUp Card Reader is lost or stolen, please report it to our Support team as soon as possible. That way we can block the card reader to prevent any fraudulent use.

Keeping data safe

The SumUp Air Card Reader immediately encrypts and sends all card information, ensuring no unprotected sensitive data is stored on the reader during or after the transaction process.

In addition, no sensitive card data is stored on any mobile device. This means if your mobile phone or card reader is lost or stolen, your data will remain secure.

Our team continuously updates our systems to ensure appropriate levels of protection of your sensitive data. We take all preventative measures necessary, including regular testing by qualified internal and external teams, to keep our systems and your data as safe as possible.

Getting a new card reader

A new card reader can be ordered via the shop on your SumUp profile. You can then send the invoice to your insurance company.