Enable Smart Tipping

  1. On the SumUp App, tap “More” in the bottom corner.

  2. Then select “Tipping”.

  3. Ensure both the “Standard tipping” and then “Smart tipping” toggles are set to the on position.

Change your tipping options

Smart Tipping is initially set to show tipping options of 10%, 15% and 20% of any transaction amount of £10 and over or £1, £2 or £3 for transactions below that threshold. However, you can also customise your Smart Tipping options via the SumUp App.

  1. On the SumUp App, tap the profile icon in the top corner.

  2. Then select “Tipping”.

  3. With both standard tipping and Smart Tipping enabled, either tap a tip rate to edit it or select the edit symbol in the top corner.

  4. Type your preferred tip percentage and confirm the change in the top corner.


Customisable tipping amounts are currently only available on the SumUp App for use with the Air Card Reader. Changes to tip rates made on the app will not be reflected on the Solo or 3G Reader.