Change my bank account

  1. Select “Profile” followed by “Profile Details” in the menu bar on the left-hand side of the screen.

  2. Go to “Bank details”.

  3. Scroll down to the button “Change Bank Account”.

  4. Please enter your IBAN and BIC/SWIFT.

  5. Click “Save and continue”.

  6. You’ll now receive an SMS sent to your registered mobile phone number with a 4-digit verification code. Enter the code into the corresponding field.

You’ll receive an automatic confirmation of your change. All payouts will now be transferred to this bank account.

I didn’t receive the verification code. What now?

If you did not receive the SMS within an hour,

  • please contact our Support team directly.

  • Alternatively, send us a copy of your bank statement via email.

Can I change the bank account name?

While you can't change the name on the bank account yourself, if necessary, we can do it for you. Please send us a copy of your bank statement with your request.

Note: The name of the cardholder and IBAN and BIC/SWIFT should be clearly visible on all bank statements. The bank statement shouldn’t be older than 6 months.