Change your bank details

  1. Log in to your SumUp profile using a web browser and select the profile symbol in the top right corner.

  2. Select "Profile details"

  3. Choose "Bank details" and then "Change bank account".

  4. Enter your new account number and sort code.

  5. Click "Save and continue".

  6. You’ll receive an SMS to your registered phone number with a 4-digit code. Enter the code into the corresponding field to verify your change.

You’ll receive automatic confirmation of your change. This will now be your default bank account for bank transfer payouts.

Verification code missing

Check and amend your contact number if your verification code doesn't arrive.

Change the account holder name

The name on the bank account associated with your SumUp profile must match the name of the profile owner. To change this information, email us a copy of a bank statement along with the request to change.

Required details

Bank statements should not be more than 6 months old and should clearly display the account holder’s name, your account number and your sort code.