Battery life

Your Air's battery life is good for over 500 transactions and can continue being used as it charges. You can check your battery life using the battery symbol on the Air’s screen and charge your Air Reader with the included Micro-USB cable.

Standby mode will automatically preserve your battery during periods of inactivity without breaking the connection with other devices. Turn off your Air Reader by holding down the power button on the side of the reader.

Avoid blocked readers

The Air has an automatic security lock that will permanently block the device to prevent manipulation or tampering.

This lock can be triggered by excessively high or low temperatures or forcible impacts. To avoid this, ensure to use your device in temperatures between 0°C and 40ºC and avoid dropping your device. 

Device blocked?

Find out what to do with blocked devices.

Update your SumUp Air

Your Air checks for updates after each completed transaction, however you can also manually install updates to ensure your reader continues to run smoothly.

  1. On the SumUp app, tap the profile icon in the corner.

  2. Choose "Card reader".

  3. Tap the reader you’re using to check for updates. A message will pop up to inform you of available updates.