Connect to Wi-Fi or mobile data

Choose between connecting to Wi-Fi or accessing unlimited mobile data using the built-in SIM card:

  1. Tap or drag down the arrow at the top of your Solo’s screen.

  2. Choose "Connections".

    • Wi-Fi connection - Tap "Wi-Fi" and activate the Wi-Fi toggle. Your Solo will search for secure networks to connect to or automatically connect to a known network.

    • Mobile data connection - Tap "Mobile data" and activate the mobile data toggle to automatically connect to the strongest available mobile network.

Resolve connectivity issues

  • Reset your device's Wi-Fi - toggle your device's Wi-Fi off then back on to reset your connection

  • Reset your wireless router - turn your router off then on again to reset your network

  • Restart your device - turn your device off and on again using the power button

  • Move closer to the router - get closer to the Wi-Fi source to try to find a better connection