Connect to a printer

  1. If necessary, deactivate iOS mode on your printer following the manufacturer’s instructions.

  2. Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device.

  3. On the SumUp app, click the profile symbol in the corner of the screen and select "Printing".

  4. Ensure the "Printing enabled" toggle is active. The app will automatically scan for printers if it is. Tap “Printer” below to manually scan.

  5. Select your printer to connect. If a PIN is requested, enter 0000.

  6. Tap "Print test page" to check the connection.

Start printing receipts

Once connected, you can provide printed receipts or reprint receipts from past transactions.

Turn iOS mode off or on

  1. Switch the printer on.

  2. Open the paper feeder.

  3. First, press the power button and hold it down. With the power button still pressed, press the button for the paper feeder until the printer beeps.

  4. Close the paper cover. A receipt with the text “iOS mode disabled!! Please reboot printer" will be printed.

  5. After restarting the printer, the device can be used with an Android smartphone/tablet.

  6. Repeat the procedure to reset the mode to iOS.