Connect to a printer

  1. Prepare your printer for connection by powering it on and disabling iOS mode if necessary.

  2. Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet.

  3. On the SumUp app, click the profile symbol in the corner of the screen and select "Printing".

  4. Ensure the "Printing enabled" toggle is active. The app will automatically scan for printers if it is. Tap “Printer” below to manually scan.

  5. Select your printer to connect. If a PIN is requested, enter 0000.

  6. Tap "Print test page" to check the connection.

Alternatively, use a USB cable for wired printer connections or connect an ethernet cable between your printer and the Wi-Fi router you're using. Then simply select the printer in the printers section of your app.

Is my printer compatible?

Not all printers work with SumUp. Check your printer's compatibility to see if your printer will work.

Configure printer settings

You can either choose to print receipts for every transaction by enabling automatic printing or choose to only print select receipts.

  1. On the SumUp app, tap the profile symbol in the top corner.

  2. Tap "Printing".

  3. Enable "Always print receipts" to automatically print all receipts, or disable it to choose which receipts you print.