Note that all the printers mentioned in this article need to be used in conjunction with the SumUp App to print receipts for transactions accepted with Air Card Reader.

Supported portable printers

  • Mobile Bluetooth Printer Bixolon SPP-R200lliK/BEGE

  • Mobile Bluetooth Printer Bixolon SPP-R210iK/BEGE

  • Mobile Bluetooth Printer Star Micronics SM-L200

Connect your mobile device and printer

The steps below provide instructions on how to connect your mobile device with one of the supported portable printers:

  1. Please make sure that iOS mode is deactivated on your printer (guide below) and switch on your printer.

  2. Tap the settings on your device. Click "Settings" and “Bluetooth” to turn on your Bluetooth.

  3. Select the printer you have listed under “Devices”.

  4. When a PIN is requested, please enter 0000 and tap “Connect”.

  5. After connecting successfully, please log in to the SumUp App and tap  "More" at the right-hand corner of the menu bar. 

  6. Choose “Printer” and select your printer.

  7. Your printer and your SumUp App are now successfully connected. You can tap on “Print test page” in the app to do a test print.

How to deactivate iOS mode

  1. Switch the printer on.

  2. Open the paper feeder.

  3. First, press the power button and hold it down. With the power button still pressed, press the button for the paper feeder until the printer beeps.

  4. Close the paper cover. A receipt with the text “iOS mode disabled!! Please reboot printer" will be printed.

  5. After restarting the printer, the device can be used with an Android smartphone/tablet.

  6. Repeat the procedure to reset the mode to iOS.