Note: If you can’t find them, here's how you can resend payout reports straight to your inbox.

Daily Payout Report

Within a daily Payout Report, you’ll find all transactions that were included in the settlement that has been paid out to your bank account earlier that day. Please note, that this doesn’t mean the money will be available in your bank account immediately. Depending on your bank and day of the week, it may take 1-3 business days for the money to arrive in your bank account.


Every payout has a Payout ID (PID) that looks like this on your bank statement: PID123-SUMUP.

Monthly Payout Report

Within a monthly Payout Report, you’ll find every single daily payout that has been transferred into your bank account throughout the previous month. Your monthly report is a summary of all your payouts. You receive your monthly payout report at the beginning of the following month.

You can use this report for accounting as it also has an overview of all transactions that were included in every daily payout throughout the previous month.


Only settlements that were actually paid out in the previous month are included in the monthly Payout Report. Card payments that were processed in the previous month but paid out the next month will be reported in the next month’s report.

Monthly transaction fees invoice

Along with every monthly Payout Report, we send you an invoice detailing the total transaction fees for that period. Note that this amount has already been deducted from your payouts.

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