1. Log in to your SumUp profile on a web browser and click the profile symbol in the top right corner.

  2. Select "Profile details" and then "Invoices subscriptions".

  3. Choose between a yearly or monthly subscription.

You can check your subscription status, including your plan type and renewal date, on your SumUp profile.

Set up SumUp Invoices

You can easily tailor the information you share with your customers by changing the details shown on your invoices.

Your invoices are sent to your customers attached to an email. Edit invoicing emails to customise the message you’re sending to your customers.

Not only can you edit the details shown on your invoices but you can also re-design your invoices to match your brand.

Save time when creating invoices by creating a customer directory so you can quickly add customers to invoices without adding their details again and again.

Likewise, create an item catalogue to choose from so you can add items to your invoices in a couple of clicks.

Start sending invoices

Create invoices on your SumUp profile or learn how to use the SumUp app to create invoices on the go.