Generate an invoice using my SumUp profile

  1. Log in to your SumUp profile on a web browser and select the "Invoices" tab from the left-hand menu.

  2. Select "New Invoice".

  3. Click the invoice number to edit it. All future invoices will follow this sequence until you change it.

  4. Date your invoice and either set a due date or repayment period. Alternatively, set the invoice to "Paid" if payment is already complete.

  5. Click "Save" to apply the changes.

  1. Enter your customer’s details or select a customer from your customer list. Customer details you add here will be saved to your customer directory.

  2. Add details of what you sold or select an item from your item catalogue. Item details you add here will be saved to your item catalogue.

  3. Add more items with "Add Item" or click items and use "Delete line" to remove them.

  1. Click "Add terms and conditions" to add additional notes or a set of terms and conditions. You can choose to apply this as default for future invoices too.

  2. Use "Select payment methods" to choose which payment methods to make available for your invoice:

    • Activate "Online payment" to enable online card payments

    • As a Pro plan user, you can enable "External bank account" for bank transfers to your bank account. Check and amend your bank details by tapping below the toggle and tapping the three dots

    • Enable "SumUp Business Account" for bank transfers to your SumUp Business Account

  3. Choose whether to show gross or net prices and edit the language of your invoice with "Edit document options".

  4. Hit "Save" and click the three dots in the top corner to download a proforma copy of your invoice.

  1. Tap "Complete" to see a completed preview of your invoice. Now, your invoice can still be edited but not deleted.

  2. Click "Send" to enter recipient email addresses separated by a comma and add a message.

  3. Optionally, apply automatic payment reminders for overdue invoices and send a copy of the invoice to yourself.

  4. When ready, hit "Send" to send your invoice.

Once sent, you can create delivery notes to accompany your invoices and check your invoice status as it goes from created to viewed to paid.

Create recurring invoices

For customers you invoice regularly, you can also create recurring invoices.