How do I enable SCA?

  1. Make sure your SumUp App is up to date.

  2. Log in to your SumUp App on the phone you will use to approve your online payments.

  3. Select “SumUp Card” on the Home screen.

  4. Choose “Card Security”.

  5. Enable Strong Customer Authentication by tapping on the toggle.

  6. You will receive an SMS with a unique verification code, enter the code into the “Phone Verification” section of the app and press confirm.


These security measures became mandatory for online payments as of March 2021.

Note: If you enabled it for your card and the transaction still fails, please consider contacting the online shop owner or using a different payment method.

To make the SCA feature faster and more secure, you can enable authentication with your fingerprint or face ID, to do this, tap on the “Touch ID” toggle button in the “Card Security” section.

We recommend that you enable push notifications for the SumUp App to receive notifications on your phone when your card is used online.