Enable SCA

3DS/SCA must be enabled to make transfers. Here’s how to enable SCA.

Send money

You can send money to any EUR account based in EEA SEPA member countries.

  1. Log in to your SumUp profile on a web browser or the app.

    • On a web browser, click "Business Account" in the left navigation panel

    • On the app, tap "Business Account" on the home screen

  2. Click "Send money" then select "Bank transfer".

  3. Choose an existing recipient or create a new recipient. Clarify if you're sending to an individual or business and, optionally, save recipient account details for later.

  4. Enter the transfer amount and a reference message and continue.

  5. Ensure transfer and recipient details are correct and confirm the transfer. We'll send a push notification to your phone.

  6. Verify the transfer by entering your password on the SumUp app when prompted.

Transfers take 1-3 business days to arrive from the time they're sent.

Check my transfer status

Track your transfer's progress to see its current status and download transfer confirmations for proof of payment.