Enable SCA

3DS/SCA must be enabled to make transfers. Here’s how to enable SCA.

Send a transfer

You can send money to any EUR account based in EEA SEPA member countries.

  1. On your SumUp profile, open the "Business Account" tab from the left side of the screen.

  2. Click "Send money" then either select "Bank transfer" or choose to schedule payments for the future.

  3. Choose an existing recipient or click "New recipient".

  4. For new recipients, choose between sending to an individual or a business, enter the requested details and hit "Next". Check the save box to add recipients to your contacts.

  5. Enter the transfer amount and click "Next".

  6. Check the transfer summary and, if everything looks good, hit "Confirm".

  7. Verify the transfer by entering your password when prompted on the SumUp app.

Your transfer will take 1-3 business days to arrive. Check your transfer's status to track your transfer and download confirmation of a transfer for proof of payment.

Make recurring payments

Set up direct debit payments or schedule recurring payments with your Business Account to make repeat payments without hassle.

Business Account limits

Your Business Account has some default transfer limits. If your surpass these, your transfer may fail. You can check out other reasons for failed transfers in our guide.