What happens if I get a warning?

We check all passwords during sign up. If your chosen password is compromised, you’ll need to pick another. We strongly recommend changing your password elsewhere too.

How are passwords exposed?

Scammers may attempt to access private information via phishing attacks. Protect yourself by learning to recognise phishing scams.

How do I keep my profile secure?

Creating secure passwords will provide extra protection against hackers. We recommend passwords follow these rules:

  • At least 8 characters long

  • A mix of letters and numbers

  • Include special characters, such as symbols or punctuation

Always vary passwords to avoid credential stuffing, where scammers use common or leaked passwords to hack profiles. That way, even if a password is compromised, your other profiles and accounts will remain secure.

How secure is my password?

Check how common your password is to judge its vulnerability and change your password if necessary.