Check your transaction status

When you access your sales history you'll be able to check the status of all your transactions.

What does a successful transaction look like?

When using SumUp to accept payments, you’ll receive live confirmation on the success of your payment. Both your card reader and the SumUp App will indicate a successful transaction. 

This is what a successful transaction will look like on your SumUp profile or in the SumUp App:

  1. A successful transaction

  2. A successful card payment paid out to your bank account

  3. A successful card payment paid out to your SumUp Card

  4. A refunded transaction

If you want more in-depth information around the transaction, just click on the transaction itself and a digital receipt will open.

How do I recognise a failed transaction?

If a transaction fails, either through a declined card, through a timeout or because the Bluetooth connection failed, your card reader and your SumUp App will notify you in real-time.

  1. A failed transaction

  2. For this card payment, a chargeback was requested.

Transaction timeouts

To ensure the highest level of security, SumUp cancels transactions that aren't completed within a specific time frame.