How do payouts work?

By default, payouts, minus our transaction fee, are sent to your bank account. But you can change your payout settings to your SumUp Business Account instead to enable next-day payouts. You can also set how often you’re paid.

Your payout settings are set to daily by default. So money from accepted transactions will be available as a payout 1-3 business days after accepting the payment. However, there are three different options for changing your payout frequency:

  • Daily - every day, except for bank holidays and weekends

  • Weekly - every Tuesday 

  • Monthly - every third business day of the following month

Be aware you can only refund payments made via SumUp if you have sufficient balance of outstanding payouts to cover the refund amount.

You can track your payout totals for accounting purposes with payout reports.

My payout is late

Check your payout status to see when and where your money was sent and find out what can delay your payouts.