When to request a chargeback

In-person payments, known as card-present payments, can be charged back in the following circumstances:

  • The goods you received didn’t match the seller's description, were counterfeit, or were never delivered

  • You were charged by mistake or multiple times as part of the same payment

  • You were charged despite the payment being displayed as declined

Always contact the seller first

Chargebacks can be long and often costly and with no guarantee of success. Always attempt to resolve disputes with the original seller first.

Start the chargeback process

  1. Inform our Support team of your desire to dispute a payment within 90 days of its taking place. We'll send you a dispute form to complete.

  2. Fill out the dispute form and provide as much supporting evidence as possible, including related receipts, invoices and email confirmations.

We'll then take your case to Mastercard. Chargeback cases can take up to 45 days to resolve, but we'll inform you if you've been successful or not as soon as possible.

What happens if I don't win?

If you have a strong case, a second chargeback is possible. This can take an additional 45 days to complete.