What can I do with the Business Account?

The Business Account is a space to manage your business’s money and send and receive transfers to and from other EUR accounts in EEA SEPA member countries. Your account also comes with a prepaid Mastercard, so you can make payments online and in-store.

As an added benefit, the Business Account comes with free next-day payouts for any transactions processed using SumUp card readers or payment solutions.

What does the Business Account cost?

There are no fixed fees for transfers or payments with the Business Account nor are there any monthly subscription costs or interest charges.

Each account comes with a free prepaid Mastercard with 3 free ATM withdrawals a month. Additional withdrawals have a 2% fee. Third-party ATMs may still apply their own fee.

Can I open multiple accounts?

You can open a maximum of one Business Account with a single card per business.

It's possible to operate multiple businesses with their own unique Business Account so long as each business has a unique email address and SumUp profile.


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