Pricing and fees

With no monthly fees, pay only 2.75% per transaction for all accepted cards. For remote payments, the transaction fee is 2.75%. ⇨ You can find more detail on transaction fees here.

  • Air card reader: €39.00

  • Solo card reader: €79.00

  • 3G card reader and printer: €129.00

All prices include delivery but exclude VAT.

None. No monthly fees, no fixed contract, no installation costs.

Accept card payments

Yes, you can start accepting card payments right away. ⇨ Be aware that verification limits apply.

SumUp currently supports 28 countries across Europe. ⇨ Click here to see a list of these countries.

There is no transaction limit for card-present transactions through your SumUp profile. This means you can make a transaction of any amount, using any of our card readers. ⇨ You can read more about transaction and verification limits here.

With SumUp, you can take cards from all major card acceptance brands. ⇨ You can find out exactly which cards can be accepted here.

Technical requirements

Air Card Reader: you’ll need a smartphone or tablet either with data coverage or Wi-Fi to process payments. ⇨ Find out if your device is compatible here.

3G Card Reader: a standalone device, which doesn't need a second device such as a smartphone or tablet to work.

No printer is needed. Simply send customers their receipts via SMS, email or share them via the SumUp app.

To offer your customers physical receipts, you can connect the SumUp app or your card reader to a compatible mobile printer or a cloud printer. ⇨ Take a look at our guide on printing from your SumUp device.

Yes, in order to process transactions with SumUp, you'll need one of our card readers.

Profile information

Kindly note that as a regulated entity, we operate under strict requirements imposed by the financial regulator, the card schemes and our acquiring bank.

While we do support a variety of businesses, we can’t support every business model, therefore, we ask you to review our list of restricted businesses

We recommend a business bank account to keep your business income separate from your personal finances. ⇨ You’ll find details on our bank account requirements here.

Yes, we’ll need your personal information because we’re required by law to make sure that you are in fact the individual registered with SumUp and the main contact for your business.

We implement all necessary levels of protection to keep your information safe. ⇨ You can find details of all the measures we take to keep you secure here.

Payouts and reports

No, there is no VAT on our transaction fee.

It typically takes 2-3 business days from the transaction date to the day the funds appear in your bank account.

  • A Revenue Report (PDF) to send to the relevant financial authorities.

  • A (PDF) listing every transaction included in each payout (daily or monthly).

  • A monthly invoice detailing the total transaction fees for that period.

All reports are available for download on the Dashboard. ⇨ Learn more about all reports and how to download them.