How does it work?

You can use the wide range of payment solutions offered by SumUp to accept transactions from a range of accepted card schemes and payment methods.

We’ll then process your transaction and send it to you in the form of a payout. Learn more about payouts to find out where and when you’ll get your money.

What’s available?

SumUp offers a range of payment solutions for your business, from easy-to-use card readers and POS to online payment options.

  • Solo - an all-purpose, standalone card reader for the modern era. Learn more

  • Solo Lite - an intuitive, easy-to-use card reader that connects to smartphones and POS to accept payments. Learn more

  • Air - the original. Connect it to your smartphone or POS system and take payments in seconds. Learn more

  • 3G - our original standalone card reader. Learn more

What does it cost?

Aside from the cost of your card reader, there are no sign-up costs, installation fees or fixed contracts. You simply pay a small transaction fee per payment taken using SumUp.

See a full breakdown of SumUp’s pricing and fees.

Get reduced transaction fees

Discover SumUp One memberships and access a variety of benefits, including a flat transaction fee of 0.99% per transaction for all domestic payments.

What are the requirements?

Check out the card reader compatibility requirements if you want to connect a card reader to your smartphone or tablet as well as bank account requirements for sign-up.

Some business types can’t be supported for regulatory reasons, check the full list of restricted businesses.

How secure is it?

We require some personal and business details from you to set up and verify your profile. However, we take every possible precaution to keep your data secure. Learn more.

Get started

Discover how to sign up for SumUp to start accepting payments.