• Your account must be registered in a Eurozone country

  • The account holder must match the registered SumUp profile owner for personal accounts or your registered business name for business bank accounts

  • SumUp accepts most major banks and cards, including prepaid cards. But be sure to pay attention to any transaction limits associated with your card or bank

  • You can only register one bank account with your SumUp profile at a time

Change my bank details

You can change your bank details quickly and easily at any time.

Separate personal and business funds

Separating your personal and business funds is essential for compliance with applicable local and international money laundering standards.

Keeping your business and personal money separate also has the added benefit of ensuring you can easily track your business’s health by seeing which money belongs where.

I don’t have a separate account

Open a SumUp Business Account for free when signing up and keep your personal and business funds separate.