Access the store editor

  1. On your SumUp profile, click the "Online Store" tab in the left navigation panel.

  2. Click "Store Editor".

Design your homepage

Select "Homepage" from the drop down menu and then hit "Banner" to edit your homepage’s appearance.

  • Banner image - Select the plus sign to add an image of no more than 10MB. We recommend using an image sized 1200 x 600 pixels or more. Include descriptive alt-text for improved search engine optimisation and usability.

  • Headline and description- Write a headline and description that will be visible on your homepage.

  • Button - Edit the text shown on the banner button. When clicked, it will lead your customers to the items you have for sale.

Use the alignment options to choose where on the screen this text appears. Alternatively, enable or disable your headline, description and button individually using the toggle next to each in the editor.

Add a set of featured items to your homepage by selecting "Homepage" from the drop down menu and then choosing "Item collection".

In the drop down menu, choose "Homepage". Select "Add section" and then choose the type of section to add.

  • Item collection - add another set of up to eight items to promote what you sell on your homepage

  • Text with image - add section with an image, text and a call to action button. Buttons can link to link to your item list, an item category, a specific item or an external website.

  • Text - add an extra headline to your homepage

Once added, you can move sections up and down in the sidebar to change their order. Alternatively, choose a section and select "Delete section" to remove it.

Select "Homepage" from the drop down menu and then choose "SEO" to amend your SEO settings.

  • Meta title - Add a title that will show in search engine results.

  • Meta description - Add a description that will show in search engine results. It should use full sentences and contain keywords explaining what you do and what you sell.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about making your Online Store appear higher up in search engine results. The higher you are, the more visible your store will be, giving you a better chance of making more sales.

Customise global settings

Enable sorting and filter options for customers to use when browsing your items by selecting "Item list" from the drop down menu.

  • Item sorting - Allow customer to order your items by price, alphabetically, or by how recently the item was added to your store

  • Item filters - Items can be filtered according to the item categories you create

You can also edit your items to include images and descriptions that will be displayed on your Online Store.

Select "Shopping cart" from the drop down menu to choose between the compact and full page shopping cart layouts.

Select "Header" in the drop down menu and choose "Header settings". Then upload a logo under the "Logo" section or click "Change store name" to amend the name of your store.

Edit the navigation menu for your Online Store to make it easier for users to find what they're looking for.

  1. Choose "Header" from the drop down menu and select "Header settings".

  2. Enable the "Menu" toggle and then select "Edit menu".

  3. Tap "Add link" and select the pages to make available in the navigation menu.

  4. Change the order of menu items by dragging them up and down in the sidebar using the icon with six dots.

Select the three dots beside a menu item and select "Add a sublink" to add secondary navigation options. Select "Rename" or "Remove" to change their name or delete them.

Add announcements at the top of the screen advertising special offers or important information to your customers.

  1. Choose "Header" from the drop down menu and select "Announcement bar".

  2. Activate the announcement bar toggle and add your message in the text box below.

  3. Enable the link toggle and select a place customers should be taken to if they click your announcement bar.

You can connect your social media by selecting "Footer" from the drop down menu and entering your username into the relevant box to connect your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter account without the @ symbol.

You can also add a link so customers can message you via WhatsApp by entering your phone number.

Scroll to "Font styles" in the drop down menu to select between font options for the headlines on your Online Store.

Need some inspiration?

Take a look at some creative store designs made with Online Store.