Basic set-up

  1. Unbox the printer and flip it upside down.

  2. Remove the cable slot cover then also remove the rear and bottom cover.

  3. Connect the power cable and other cables you may need:

    • USB - use a USB-C cable to connect your printer directly to a POS system

    • Ethernet cable - use an ethernet cable to connect to a router for linking to your POS system

  4. Replace the rear and bottom covers.

  5. Connect the power cable to the power adapter and then to a power socket.

  6. Turn the printer on.

  7. Pull the printer door open using the tab near the LEDs on the front of the printer.

  8. Insert a 58mm paper roll with the loose end on the side of the printer door.

  9. Pull a little excess paper past the printer door and then close the printer. Tear off the excess paper.

Enable Bluetooth pairing mode

  1. Open the printer door using the tab near the LEDs on the front of the printer.

  2. Press and hold the paper feed button on top of the printer until the paper roll LED flashes.

  3. Pull out some excess paper and close the printer door. Your printer will print some instructions.

  4. Short press the paper feed button then hold it down for longer to activate Bluetooth pairing mode. A printout will confirm your success and the Bluetooth LED will flash.

Your printer will remain in pairing mode for 1 minute after it’s activated.

Connect to the TM-m30III

Once it’s set up, you can connect the TM-m30III like any other printer.