Take payments with your phone

  1. On the SumUp app, tap "Checkout" at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Tap "Amount" to enter a custom value (minimum €1) or "Items" to sell an item from your item catalogue.

  3. Tap "Charge" and select "Tap to Pay on Android".

  4. Prompt customers to hold their card or device to the back of your phone. Your contactless chip may be at the top, middle or bottom, depending on your phone.

You'll get confirmation of your transaction's success after completing a payment. If the transaction fails, see how to resolve transaction issues.

When will I get my money?

We send your money to you in the form of payouts. Learn about payouts and discover how and when you’ll get your money.

Provide a receipt

  1. On the transaction success screen, choose between sending the receipt as an email or SMS.

  2. Enter your customer’s contact details and confirm you want to send the receipt.

Receipts are valuable evidence to protect against chargebacks, so be sure to provide them whenever possible. You can provide receipts for past sales at any time.

How do refunds work?

Discover how to provide refunds in the event your customer wants their money back.