Any card transaction significantly higher than you would normally take is considered high-value and presents an increased risk of payment disputes such as chargebacks.

Transaction limits

You can accept payments of any value above €1.00 with SumUp after you’re verified. However, high-value transactions present an increased risk and may be stopped for security reasons.

Taking additional precautions improves your ability to process high-value payments securely and helps reduce the risk of chargebacks.

Verify my profile

Before you can start accepting payments and use all your profile's features, you'll need to verify your profile.

Accept high-value payments securely

Keeping evidence of payments' validity is essential to defend against accusations of fraud. The following documentation can be valuable evidence in case of chargebacks:

  • A signed copy of the payment invoice

  • A signed copy of the contract with your customer

  • Proof of delivery

Different disputes may require different evidence, see what evidence is helpful when contesting different types of chargeback.

Take all payments securely

It's important to take precautions to take payments securely no matter their value to prevent chargebacks.