Generate an invoice using my SumUp profile

  1. On your SumUp profile, select the “Invoices” tab on the menu to the left of your screen, followed by "New invoice".

  2. Add an invoice number of your choice. Once set, future invoices will continue following this sequence until you decide otherwise.

  3. Add the date of the invoice by amending the “Invoice Date”.

  4. Set a due date by either selecting a preset payment period under “Payment Terms” or using “Due Date” to choose a custom deadline.

    Note: Select “Paid” under “Payment Terms” if your customer has already paid. Check out our article on invoice payment status for more.

  1. Either select a customer from your customer list or enter the relevant customer info in the corresponding boxes.

    Note: Click "Save customer" to add a customer to your customer list. Saving a customer also allows you to add a VAT number, phone number, email, and tailor payment terms to specific customers.

  2. Either pick an item from your item list or add a description of the item being invoiced under “Item”.

    Note: Hit “Save item” to add an item to your item list.

  3. Set item quantity, VAT rate and price.

    Note: Adjust the Net/Gross toggle in the options section below to choose whether to show prices with or without VAT.

  4. Optionally tap “Add line” to add more items.

  1. As well as being able to switch between displaying net or gross prices, “Invoice options” allows you to add discounts to your subtotal and select the language of your invoice.

  2. Add any additional notes or a set of terms and conditions under “Invoice terms” and optionally click “save as default” to reuse the content for future invoices.

  3. Drag and drop files into the “Attachments” section to attach them or click the blue paperclip symbol and add them.

    Note: There’s a 5MB limit for individual files and a total size limit of 10MB.

  1. When you’re ready to go, click “Complete Invoice” to see a completed preview of your invoice.

    Note: Once you click complete, invoices can be edited but not deleted.

  2. Hit “Send” in the top corner to amend the recipient address, subject line and body of the email. You also have the option to download and print your invoice or add customer payment information for already paid invoices.

    Note: To issue a reminder for unpaid invoices, check the reminder box. Your customer will receive a reminder email two days after the invoice's due date.

  3. If everything looks correct, press “Send” again to complete the process.

After this, you’ll receive a confirmation that the invoice was sent and be returned to the invoice history menu.


Save your invoice as a draft with “Save” at any point or preview it with “View”. Save an invoice without clicking “Complete Invoice” to create a pro forma copy.

Check out our guides on how to customise the information shown on your invoice and how payment works with invoices.