Insufficient funds 

If your Business Account's balance isn’t sufficient to cover the cost of the transaction, your attempted payment will fail. Check your available balance or change your payout method to add more money.

Incorrect PIN

Entering the wrong PIN will mean your payment cannot be authorised and will therefore fail. You can quickly and easily change your PIN with your SumUp profile if you’ve forgotten it.

Transaction limits

We include transaction limits on your card to keep you secure should your card be lost or stolen.

  • In-store: €2,000 per transaction and €10,000 per day

  • Online: €2,000 per transaction and €10,000 per day

  • ATM: €500 per with €2,000 per day


In some circumstances, it's possible to change your SumUp Card limits by contacting our Support Team.

Blocked card

With SumUp, you can temporarily block your card to protect it if it has been misplaced or stolen. If temporarily blocked, you'll need to unblock your card before you can continue using it.

If you believe your card has been permanently blocked, contact our Support Team for help.

SCA not enabled

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) authenticates card-not-present transactions to prevent fraud. Once you enable SCA, you need to confirm payment in the SumUp App when making a purchase. Without this confirmation, the transaction will fail.

If, after enabling SCA, attempted purchases still fail, either contact the shop you’re buying from, use a different payment method, or try a different internet browser.

Suspicious activity

To protect you from fraudulent use of your card, both the card issuer and acquirer are able to decline a transaction if suspicious activity is detected.