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Business management

Categorise my items

Organise your item catalogue by adding categories to create virtual shelves for all your items. Discover how you can edit and delete categories to manage your items.

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Create barcodes

Add barcode numbers to your items so they can be recognised by their barcodes when scanned with a barcode scanner.

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Add items to my item catalogue

Create an item catalogue to manage everything you sell in one place. Added items automatically sync everywhere you use SumUp.

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Edit my items

Make changes to your item catalogue by editing item details or deleting items entirely.

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Export my item catalogue

Export your item catalogue as a CSV file to save as a backup or use elsewhere with just a few clicks. Here’s how it’s done.

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Manage my inventory

Enable inventory management with SumUp to track your stock levels so you always know when your inventory needs replenishing.

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Create item variants

Create a full range of item variations to display your full item catalogue cleanly and without the need to add each item individually. Here’s how it works.

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Import items to my catalogue

Create or edit multiple items all at once using the item import feature. Simply download and complete the import CSV and upload items all in one go.

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Customise my tax rates

Edit the tax rates you apply to your sales at checkout or switch tax rates off entirely. Preset rates match GST rates for Australia and also include a 0% tax rate.

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How items work

Save your bestselling items for quicker sales in the future by creating an item catalogue for use across your SumUp profile.

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Customise my receipts

Personalise your customer receipts by editing the business information shown on them and adding a custom message.

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Customise my billing descriptor

Edit your billing descriptor to change how transactions with your business appear on customer bank statements.

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Create employee profiles

Set up employee profiles to create separate logins for each of your employees, allowing you to customise what employees are able to do.

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