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Verify my SumUp profile

For legal reasons, you’ll need to verify your identity before accepting payments with SumUp. Getting verified is quick and easy and unlocks your profile’s full potential.

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How do transaction limits work?

Check out the limits to the transactions you can take with SumUp and how you can reduce the impact of them.

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Change my password

Reset your password if you forget it or change your password for security reasons. Here's everything you need to know about updating your password.

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Is my card reader compatible?

Check if your card reader can connect to the smart phone, tablet or POS device you're using and what compatibility requirements there are for using our apps.

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Download the app

Install our app on your mobile device to access a host of helpful features on the go. Here's how to find and download the SumUp app.

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Close my profile

We'll be sorry to see you go, but if you really must leave, here's how you can permanently close your SumUp profile.

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Manage my profile details

Amend your profile details to ensure all your information is up-to-date, from business details to changing passwords.

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Edit my contact details

Edit your email address and amend your phone number to update contact details and change the email you use to log in.

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Update my personal details

Edit your SumUp profile details to amend your home address and update the name of the profile owner.

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Change my business details

Edit your business info to switch the legal type of your business, change your company signatory or edit your company name and address.

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Activate my SumUp profile

After signing up, you’ll need to activate your profile to get started with SumUp. Here’s how it’s done.

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Upload documents on my SumUp profile

On occasion, we may ask you to upload a little extra documentation. For example, to verify your profile. Here's how you can quickly and easily upload documents.

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Sign up for SumUp

Get started with SumUp by creating a SumUp profile and ordering any hardware you need. Here's how to get signed up.

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Restricted businesses

As a regulated entity, we operate under strict requirements imposed by the financial regulator, the card schemes (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) and our acquiring banks, who act as a gateway to the card services.

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Update my bank information

Change the bank account connected to your SumUp profile to decide where you want us to send your money.

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Export my item catalogue

Export your item catalogue as a CSV file to save as a backup or use elsewhere with just a few clicks. Here’s how it’s done.

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Import items to my catalogue

Create or edit multiple items all at once using the item import feature. Simply download and complete the import CSV and upload items all in one go.

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Customise my receipts

Personalise your customer receipts by editing the business information shown on them and adding a custom message.

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Customise my billing descriptor

Edit your billing descriptor to change how transactions with your business appear on customer bank statements.

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Get started with SumUp

Set up features and tools on your profile to tailor your experience to your business' needs, from amending payment settings to customer and item management.

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Bank account compatibility

There are a some requirements for connecting a bank account to your SumUp profile. Find out if your bank account can be used with SumUp and what to do if your bank isn't compatible.

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Create employee profiles

Set up employee profiles to create separate logins for each of your employees, allowing you to customise what employees are able to do.

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