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My card reader is blocked

If you see "Blocked device", your device's security mechanism has triggered. Here's what to do with blocked card readers and how to prevent future blockages.

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Invoice inquiry

We are obliged by our payments providers to check the legitimacy of transactions. We may be required to collect additional information from you, such as an invoice (in PDF format), to verify the payment.

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Defend against phishing attacks

Prevent the loss of sensitive information by defending against phishing scams that seek to steal and expose your personal information. Here are a few tips on how to protect yourself against phishing.

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Recognise phishing attacks

Phishing is an online scam technique whereby scammers impersonate legitimate organisations or people in order to access sensitive information. The following tips will help you recognise and avoid phishing scams.

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How secure is my password?

If you get a warning that your password is on a known list of common or leaked passwords, you may be at risk to hackers. Here’s what you need to know.

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Restricted businesses

As a regulated entity, we operate under strict requirements imposed by the financial regulator, the card schemes (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) and our acquiring banks, who act as a gateway to the card services.

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Your security is of the utmost importance to us at SumUp. Here, we've collected information on everything you need to know about how we keep you secure.

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Payment disputes: what is a chargeback?

A chargeback is a request for money after a cardholder questions the validity of a transaction. Chargebacks may also be preceded by requests for information such as retrieval requests or fraud reports.

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High-value transactions

Here’s how to accept high-value payments while reducing the risk of a chargeback or other complications.

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Reduce the risk of chargebacks

The best way to reduce the risk of payment disputes is to ensure customer satisfaction at all times, but you can also take additional steps to take payments securely.

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Lost or stolen card reader

What happens if your card reader goes missing? Here's how to report lost devices and ensure your data is protected and prevent fraudulent use.

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