Pricing and order


Your order will be delivered free of charge. Find out more about how your order makes its way from us to you, including how to change your delivery address.

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What do I need to know before signing up?

If you want to know more about our card reader and services, you can find answers to the most frequently asked pre-sign up questions here.

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Pricing and fees

SumUp offers a variety of products and services to make taking payments easier. In this article, you will find a summary of all standard prices and fees.

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How to sign up for SumUp

This is the place for all the information you need to sign up for SumUp in one quick and easy guide.

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30-day money-back guarantee

You can test all our card readers without any risk. If you’re not satisfied, you can return the device within 30 days of receiving it. We will then refund your purchase to the same bank account you used, within three weeks.

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