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Business Account & card

Request a chargeback

By requesting a chargeback, you can dispute payments and try to recover your money. Chargebacks are complex and don't always succeed. Here's what you need to know.

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Save Business Account contacts

Save account details for those you regularly send money to with your Business Account. Edit contacts or remove them entirely to keep your contact list updated.

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Save supplier details

Create a directory of your suppliers so you can link expenses to suppliers without re-adding the details each time.

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Match payments to expenses

Add details of the payment method you used to an expense, including how much you paid, when you paid and if the payment was split into multiple payments.

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File an expense

Create an expense to track your business’s spending and to help with VAT reporting. Payments made with your Business Account are added automatically.

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What are expenses?

Track VAT and monitor spending for bookkeeping purposes by saving business expense details to help manage your expenses all in one place.

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Business Account payment limits

Check the limits for sending transfers with the Business Account and card payment limits for online and in-store with the SumUp Card.

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Add my card to a wallet app

Add your card to a wallet app so you can make in-person payments with your card via your smartphone or device.

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What’s a virtual card?

Virtual cards work just like regular cards, except instead of having a physical card, your card is accessed and used via the SumUp app.

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Set up my Business Account

Complete setup for your account and customise your preferences to get the most out of your Business Account.

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Replace my SumUp Card

Order a replacement SumUp Card and cancel your existing one in a few quick clicks if you've lost your card or if it's about to expire.

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Download transfer confirmations

Get proof of payment by exporting a PDF transfer statement with key transfer details, such as current status, transfer amount, date, recipient and sender details.

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Check my Business Account payment status

Check the status of card payments or upcoming and sent transfers with your Business Account to stay on keep an eye on where your money is.

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SumUp Card delivery

Find out how your SumUp Card makes its way from us to you, including expected card delivery times and what happens if your card is lost in the post.

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What does the Business Account cost?

It’s free to open a Business Account and we don’t charge for payments or transfers.

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Cancel upcoming transfers

Stop upcoming transfers before the money leaves your Business Account. Always check with creditor's before cancelling transfers to avoid penalties.

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Recover Business Account payments

If you transferred money by mistake and want your money back, you can attempt to recover it in some cases. Here’s how.

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Change my PIN

Reset and enter a new PIN to maintain the security of your card if you forget your PIN or think it may have been compromised.

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Set up Strong Customer Authentication

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) verifies online payments or transfers to prevent fraudulent payments. Here’s how to set it up.

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Cancel my SumUp Card

Permanently cancel your SumUp Card if you don't want it. This is not for freezing lost cards, instead scroll to the bottom for instructions on reordering.

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Temporarily freeze my SumUp Card

Place a temporary block on your SumUp Card if you suspect suspicious activity or misplace your card. You can easily unblock your card again later.

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Verify my Business Account

Confirm your identity to unlock your Business Account so you can start using it and help to secure it against fraudulent activity.

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Check my account balance

View your Business Account's current balance to keep track of your money.

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Download balance statements

SumUp doesn’t provide paper statements, instead, you can check and download balance statements on your SumUp profile. It’s quick, easy and kinder to the trees.

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Unsuccessful transfers

Failed or delayed transfers may be caused by a number of things. Check the following common causes of transfer issues to find out how to prevent future issues.

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Declined SumUp Card payments

Why was your SumUp Card payment declined? Check out these common causes of card payment failure and see what you can do to correct the issue.

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Track my transfer

Get confirmation that your transfer has made it to the recipient or get an update on where your money is by requesting a transfer tracer.

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Find my Business Account details

Check your account details, including where to find your IBAN, so you can receive transfers to your Business Account.

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Stop a direct debit

Refuse a single direct debit payment or cancel all future direct debit payments and end your direct debit agreement.

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Set up direct debits with my Business Account

Direct debits are an arrangement allowing a third party to charge a specific amount from your account on a specified date. Here’s how to set up a direct debit with your SumUp Business Account.

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Transfer money with my Business Account

Send one off or recurring payments with your Business Account quickly and easily to other EUR accounts in SEPA countries to help manage your finances.

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Add money to my Business Account

Add money to your Business Account by either changing your payout settings or transferring money directly from another account.

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Activate my SumUp Card

Once it arrives, you'll need to activate and set up a PIN for your SumUp Card before it can be used. Here's how it's done.

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Download account detail statements

Get a PDF copy of your account details containing key information about your account, such as account holder name, IBAN, bank and address.

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My SumUp Card didn't arrive

If it hasn't arrived after 17 days, here's how you can re-order your SumUp Card with just a few clicks.

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Order a SumUp Card

You can quickly and easily order a SumUp Card via your SumUp profile or the app. Here’s what you need to do.

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Open a Business Account

Sign up for a Business Account with SumUp and start managing your money in one convenient place.

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What's the Business Account?

Manage your money in one convenient place with the SumUp Business Account. Send and receive transfers and receive next-day payouts for transactions with SumUp.

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Request a direct debit refund with the Business Account

You can request refunds for direct debits payments taken from your SumUp Business Account using the SumUp App. Here’s how to do it.

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