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Need help? Contact our support agents by email or by phone during our office hours if you have any additional questions!

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SumUp Cares

At SumUp, we’re committed to providing excellent products and services to our merchants around the world. All our customers have the right to fair, effective and courteous service at all times, which is why we highly value all of our customer feedback.

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Invoice Requests

In this article: Why would SumUp ask me for an invoice? What’s the difference between an invoice and a receipt? What makes a good invoice?

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Retrieval Requests, Chargebacks and Fraud Notifications

At SumUp, we do everything in our power to minimize fraud, and in turn, minimize the chances of chargebacks. In case you still receive a retrieval request, chargeback or a fraud report, this article will help you understand the process.

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How to Take Secure Payments

At SumUp, we want to help you take the safest card payments possible. This includes everything from protecting your business from fraud to minimizing the risk of reversals and accidental chargebacks. In this article, we’ll break down security tips and tricks that can help protect your business.

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Merchant Protection

The security of you and your customer’s data is our top priority at SumUp. All data accessed by our SumUp Card Readers is encrypted instantly and sent securely to our servers. No matter if you’re using a public or private internet connection, your data is safe.

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SumUp Security

Learn more about SumUp security standards, collected information, additional information, network security and technology, and mobile devices and secure payments.

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