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Activate Bluetooth

Turn on your Bluetooth so you can connect to other devices to take payments.

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Get the most out of my card reader

Improve the performance of your card reader with advice on how to use it best. From battery life to updating your reader, here’s what you need to know.

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Accept card payments

Accepting card transactions with a card reader is quick and easy with SumUp. Here’s all you need to know.

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Resend or reprint receipts

Provide a second copy of an old receipt or simply send or print a receipt from a previous sale. Here's how it's done.

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Reduce the risk of chargebacks

The best way to reduce the risk of payment disputes is to ensure customer satisfaction at all times, but you can also take additional steps to take payments securely.

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Update my card reader

Your card reader automatically checks for updates on a regular basis, however here's how to manually check for card reader updates to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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Connect a printer

Connect a printer to use with SumUp so you can start printing receipts after transactions or reprint receipts from previous sales.

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SumUp Lite: Overview

Here’s a guide to the SumUp Lite Card Reader, the perfect partner for your business.

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SumUp Lite: Stolen Card Reader

What happens if my card reader is stolen? Due to the fact that the SumUp device encrypts all card information during transactions, no unencrypted data is ever stored on the device during the transaction process. Because of that, all data will be unaffected if your card reader gets stolen.

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SumUp App: Item Catalog

The Item Catalog lets you create preset items and items so you can manage your entire inventory in one place, making your transactions even faster. This article outlines everything you need to know about how to create and use your Item Catalog.

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SumUp Lite: Cloud Printing

Cloud printing allows you to easily share or print transaction receipts via the SumUp App.

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SumUp Lite: Firmware Updates

Our team is constantly working on making our SumUp Lite Card Reader faster and even more reliable. Therefore, from time to time, updates are available for the firmware of the card reader. However, the firmware should be automatically updated, so there shouldn’t be any individual action required.

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SumUp Lite: Manual

This section contains everything you’ll need to know about accepting card payments with your SumUp Lite Card Reader.

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SumUp Lite: Compatibility

Requirements for SumUp Lite card reader include Bluetooth 4.2—to connect wirelessly with the card reader, an Android device: operating system Android 9 or higher, or an Apple device: operating system iOS 12 or higher—to use the SumUp App on your phone.

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