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Transaction List

Your sales history contains a basic breakdown of all transactions you have processed using SumUp. It also allows you to quickly confirm whether or not a transaction was successful. You will find your sales history:

  • on your dashboard at,
  • in the SumUp App.

⇨ On your dashboard at within the Transactions section, you can filter your sales history by date, payment type, status as well as the employee who processed the transaction.

Filter options:

You will find a list of all the transactions that you processed using SumUp during the last 6 months starting with your most recent transaction.

By clicking on the “Six months” button you can adjust the period or specified range by dates.
Confirm your choice by clicking on “Apply”. The first thing displayed is the most recent date given. Underneath the date, you can find every transaction processed on that day.
Payment type
You can filter your transactions by card or by cash payments by clicking on “Payment type”. Confirm your choice by clicking on “Apply”.

If your customer paid by card, the card symbol will be displayed at the beginning of the transaction. If your customer paid with cash, a banknote symbol will be displayed.
Your sales history shows the status of each transaction. You can filter transactions by successful, failed, refund or chargeback status once you click on “Status”. Confirm your choice by clicking on “Apply”.
Additionally, paid out transactions are highlighted by a green “Paid out” button. Failed, refunded and charged back card payments are highlighted by a red button.

Find out more about the status of your transactions here.
If you have several employees registered in your SumUp account, you can filter your transactions by employees by clicking on "Employee" and entering the login details for that employee. Confirm your choice by clicking on "Apply"

Find out how to create and manage employees accounts here.
For easy accounting, you can download a CSV or XLS file of your transactions list, a revenue report as PDF file or resend your daily or monthly payout reports as PDF files to your email.

Find out how to request/resend payout reports here.


Transaction Details

The sales history provided in the transactions section gives you detailed information for every single transaction. This is what a successful card payment looks like in your sales history list on


⇨ On your dashboard at, a popup will open on the right side of your sales history showing a digital receipt. Click on an individual transaction to see its details.

⇨ In your SumUp App simply click on a specific transaction to see the detailed view of that transaction.

Find out more about the status of your transactions here

Payment information across our platforms:

Information on Dashboard SumUp App
A transaction  ID, date/time, amount, status and card information
A payout Date, Payout ID Date, Payout ID
A refund Date, amount Date, amount
The sale Product description/ name*, VAT, Total/NET amount Not available

*The field is filled depending on what you entered with the transaction code, your product description or “Multiple products”.


Sales Details

You can access your sales details within the Transactions section of your dashboard at by selecting a transaction and clicking on "Sales Details". You will see a list of each product sold, the product quantity and the VAT paid. 

Note: The sales details will only be available if you sell multiple products in one transaction.

Receipt - Dashboard View



Accessing your Sales History

Your personal dashboard at
  1. Please log into your dashboard at with your SumUp account email address and password.
  2. Click on "Transactions" in the menu on the left. You will now see a list of your transactions processed within the past six months.
  3. To search for individual transactions you can use the filter options or enter the transaction code in the search bar at the top right corner.
  4. To view individual transaction details, click on the transaction. The popup on the right displays the transaction timeline, the transaction details as well as the sales details if more than one product were sold during the transaction.
In the SumUp App
  1. Log into your Sumup App with your account email address and password.
  2. For iOS, please tap on the sales symbolDefault.png.
    For Android, please tap on the account symbol in the top left, then select “Transactions”.
  3. To view an individual transaction, scroll through your list and tap on the desired one.
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